We provide home to school, special needs, field trip and athletic transportation for the students of Bear Valley Unified School District.

To find your students school bus stop you can click on routes & schedules, contact your students school of attendance, or the transportation department. Since there may be several buses picking up students in the same area, we recommend that before school starts you and your student visit the assigned school bus stop. Be sure your student knows the safest way to the school bus stop. Your student should arrive 5 minutes early to the school bus stop, but no earlier than that.

To assure the safety of your student we recommend you, or a designated adult, be at your students assigned school bus stop daily when he/she is being picked up and dropped off. Your student should know the route color or the bus number. There are times when your student may have a different driver or bus, due to maintenance or substitutes needs.


Thank you and best wishes for a successful school year.

Welcome to the Bear Valley Unified School District

Transportation Department

Welcome to The Bear Valley

Unified School District

Transportation Department

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